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Psychotherapist Recommendations in the Washington DC Area

Strong clinicians are not always easy to find. If you are looking for a psychotherapist, here is a list of excellent clinicians in the DC metro area and a few elsewhere. I also noted sex therapists as they are even more difficult to locate. You can also look at the AASECT website.

Melanie Becker: In network with BCBS

Claudia Cauterucci  

Adair Fox

Mike Giordano: Sex therapist 

Mary Beth Golden: Sex therapist in Chicago

Sarah Halpert: In network with BCBS 

Kasaan Holmes 

Hani Miletski: Sex therapist

Potomac Behavioral Solutions 

Thomas Rea: Sex therapist in network with BCBS

Jennifer Reynolds: In network with BCBS

Jacqueline Samuda: PACT certified

Lou Ann Smith: Sex therapist in New York metro area 

Lois Valladares: Sex therapist 

Wake Kendall Group 

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